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“Librari shines as an alternative to Google and Wikipedia” — Library Journal

Librari offers a comprehensive learning & testing platform with certificate issuance covering virtually any subject.

Librari is the world’s most expansive testing and certification platform, transforming the way users learn and validate their knowledge across a wide array of subjects. Whether you’re a public library patron eager to learn new skills, a student aiming to solidify your understanding, a professional seeking certification, or simply a curious mind, Librari has you covered.
Librari Certificate

Librari is a comprehensive testing and certification platform, revolutionizing the way you verify and enhance your knowledge across a vast range of subjects. 

  • Unmatched Subject Coverage: Choose from tests in over 90,000 topics, available in 40 different languages, and receive official PDF score reports and certificates of proficiency upon completion.

  • Vast Range of Examinations: Engage with more comprehensive exams across more than 900 curated subjects. With access to 10 times the number of courses as our closest competitor, you’ll always find the assessment you need.

  • Instant Feedback and Learning: Benefit from intelligent explanations for incorrect answers immediately after your test, turning each assessment into a valuable learning opportunity. Our expansive library includes over 3,500,000 expertly crafted questions and answers, covering an extensive range of fields and subjects.

  • Subject Recommendations Librari even suggests subjects that could interest you based on your job title, academic major, or tests you’ve previously taken.

  • Professional Development: Enhance your professional profile by adding the certificates you earn with Librari to your LinkedIn profile or resume, showcasing your validated proficiency and commitment to continuous learning.

  • Flexible Preparation: Prepare for upcoming assessments with tailor-made materials that align with the specific content of the tests you’ll be taking.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Utilize a dynamic platform that supports text, voice, and visual inputs and outputs to make your interaction seamless and efficient.

  • Security and Privacy: Enjoy secure and reliable access to all testing materials and personal data, ensuring your privacy and trust are upheld.

Librari is more than just a testing platform; it’s a gateway to learning and self-improvement. By focusing on both teaching and testing, Librari helps you prove what you know while encouraging continuous growth through detailed feedback and educational support. Embark on your learning journey with Librari and achieve your educational and professional goals with confidence.

Librari is available through participating libraries

These include public, school, academic, special and state libraries.

If you are a patron or a student at any of these participating institutions, you can access Librari for free.

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