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Librari tutors and provides comprehensive information on virtually any subject, aids with research, and even facilitates creative tasks. It’s a digital assistant that educates, entertains, and stimulates creativity all in one.

Librari builds upon ChatGPT Plus by organizing human knowledge into 900 curated channels with 90,000 course topics, 4,500,000 human-engineered prompts, and millions of optimized follow-up questions. Librari also offers a Freestyle Mode that can answer queries on any subject.

Safeguarded to meet users’ needs, Librari offers unprecedented access to a vast repository of human knowledge.

Developed by librarians, Librari combines cutting-edge technology with a human touch for libraries of all sizes, ranging from mini libraries to the largest consortia and state libraries.

Librari is a powerful reference assistant. It can help with an impressive array of tasks, including:

  • Tutor in virtually any subject using the Socratic method

  • Answer who / what / where / when questions in nearly any language

  • Provide detailed explanations across a wide range of subjects on various topics

  • Simulate subject-specific chat with teachers and experts

  • Recommend books, movies, music, restaurants, etc.

  • Help with complex research

  • Simulate chat in many languages (both text and full duplex voice)

  • Generate story ideas

  • Create digital art

  • Write stories, song lyrics, poems

  • Create essay outlines

  • Invent board games and other games

  • Summarize meeting notes

  • Suggest food pairings

  • Generate product ideas/names

  • Create study notes

  • Correct grammar in many languages

  • Write biographies

  • Help with job and career plans

  • Translate to or from many languages

  • Create bucket lists

  • Generate interview questions

  • Summarize complex text

  • Create study plans

  • Write analogies

  • Create bibliographies

  • Generate key points on a topic

  • Write business plans

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Plan trip itineraries

  • Explain how to make or do things

  • Create Top 10 lists

  • Help find colleges and universities

  • Create recipes

  • Solve word problems and riddles

  • Analyze literary themes

  • Explain historical events

  • And so much more!

Librari is available through participating libraries

These include public, school, academic, special and state libraries.

If you are a patron or a student at any of these participating institutions, you can access Librari for free.

Are you a reference, e-resources, or collection development librarian? 

Reserve a Librari trial!

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