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Librari is an AI-powered reference app that assists students and library patrons with a wide range of research and creative pursuits.

Librari (pronounced “library”) excels at answering factual questions, helping with schoolwork, providing reader advisory services, and performing creative tasks.

Curated with over 300,000 human-engineered prompts, and safeguarded for the needs of users, Librari offers unprecedented access to a vast repository of human knowledge.

Created by librarians, Librari brings cutting-edge technology and a human touch to libraries of all sizes, from mini libraries to the largest consortia and state libraries.

Librari is a powerful reference assistant. It can help with an impressive array of tasks, including:

  • Answer who / what / where / when questions

  • Provide detailed explanations across a wide range of subjects on various topics

  • Provide a conversational interface to your library catalog

  • Answer questions about your library and its services

  • Simulate subject-specific chat with teachers and experts

  • Recommend books, movies, music, restaurants, etc.

  • Help with complex research

  • Simulate chat in many languages (both text and full duplex voice)

  • Generate story ideas

  • Create digital art

  • Write stories, song lyrics, poems

  • Create essay outlines

  • Invent board games and other games

  • Summarize meeting notes

  • Suggest food pairings

  • Generate product ideas/names

  • Create study notes

  • Correct grammar in many languages

  • Write biographies

  • Help with auto and home repairs

  • Translate to or from many languages

  • Create bucket lists

  • Generate interview questions

  • Summarize complex text

  • Create study plans

  • Write analogies

  • Create bibliographies

  • Generate key points on a topic

  • Write business plans

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Plan trip itineraries

  • Explain how to make or do things

  • Create Top 10 lists

  • Help find colleges and universities

  • Create recipes

  • Solve word problems and riddles

  • Analyze literary themes

  • Explain historical events

  • And so much more!

Librari is available through participating libraries

These include public, school, academic, special and state libraries.

If you are a patron or a student at any of these participating institutions, you can access Librari for free.

Are you a reference, e-resources, or collection development librarian? 

Join the Librari trial waitlist!

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