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Librari Channels

Librari is an interactive learning assistant that, in addition to offering an ask-anything-you-like Freestyle mode, lets you explore and delve into a wide range of curated subject-specific channels. It contains more than 900 distinct channels, falling under a variety of categories. Librari is like the largest university in the world, surpassing even the most extensive educational institutions in terms of subject coverage.

Each channel contains 100 sub-topics, selected to give a comprehensive understanding of the domain. Each sub-topic, in turn, has over 50 human-engineered, optimized prompts. This eases the learning process, serving as ready-to-use queries, while also demonstrating examples of effective questioning techniques. There are 5,000 example prompts available for each channel.

Notably, Librari aims to offer a learning process that doesn’t end. Once you receive a response to your query, you have access to 10 follow-up queries related to your initial question. Each of these follow-ups can spark further queries, resulting in an ongoing and interactive learning experience.

In sum, with hundreds of distinct channels, a multitude of sub-topics, and an extensive range of primary and follow-up queries, Librari is your go-to tool for an engaging, comprehensive, and interactive learning experience.